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        Illustration our worldwide local reach

        There are many global challenges. Local support is one of them.

        Consilium Academy

        Sharing knowledge is part of our DNA. We perform training on everything from system design to selection and placement of detectors. Contact your local representative for more information on training from Consilium.

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        Consilium Academy

        “With more than ten years’ experience of fire detection systems from Consilium, we appreciate the user-friendliness, ease of maintenance and proven reliability. Should anything go wrong, we know that Consilium is present in every major harbour.”

        Safety manager at a shipping company

        Cruise ship Aidanova at sea

        Trust is crucial to Meyer Werft

        All strong cruise operator brands are based on trust. Nothing can go wrong when you have thousands of passengers onboard enjoying their holidays far out at sea.

        Story of project with Meyer Werft

        Products within marine segment

        We offer addressable detection systems based on a broad range of fire (smoke, heat), gas (sampling, point) and flame (visual, IR) detectors. You can also get a non-contact emission monitoring system of nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide, as well as a safety management system giving you a clear view of all your safety systems onboard.

        Talk safety with us

        There are thousands of questions regarding safety. But there are also thousands of answers. Talk safety with us – we are ready when you are.