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        A true commitment to what we do

        Consilium is a producer of safety technologies for the marine, oil and gas, transport and building sectors. Our commitment goes beyond the products: We protect the lives of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, colleagues and friends. With representation in more than 55 countries in all time zones, we are always close to you.

        Consilium looks beyond temporary ups and downs in the world economy and makes decisions and investments to become even stronger in the future.

        A man and his daughter ride a train and are protected by fire and gas detection from Consilium

        Consilium's brand movie

        Want to know us? See this short video about who we are.

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        Growing up is never easy.
        But that was a long time ago.

        Consilium has an installed base of 75,000 fire and gas detection systems in the marine, transport, oil and gas and building sectors. Our journey began in 1912, and since then we have been driven by innovation. In 1959 and 1967 we introduced our gas and fire detection systems, which have become important milestones.

        Quick facts


        64 offices?in 55 countries


        Continuous innovation

        Innovation is at the heart of Consilium. We are continually developing our wide range of products built around Consilium Common Platform and are also looking to invest in products that complement our business. Everything we do is directly connected to ways of improving safety for people on board and in buildings.

        Engineers at Consilium having a meeting about the new product CGS50/500
        Employee at Consilium

        A great place to work

        We are an international company based on strong local representation. No matter where you work for Consilium, we give you the chance to grow in your role and take on new ones. We conduct employee surveys to ensure we are developing in the right direction and gather all leaders twice a year to ensure alignment throughout the organization.

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